The purpose of Chemia System Company is increasing customers’ interest when using the products. Therefore, this company specifically emphasizes the process of establishment of products.

The well-known Chemia System Company uses parallel and simultaneous method to establish its software in pharmaceutics, food and cosmetic companies. In this method, the old system works until the new system is established and when the new system is completely established and launched, the old system is not suddenly removed. When the new system is confirmed, it is replaced by the old system (paper method).

Establishment Methodology:

1- Installing and establishing the comprehensive software system of quality control management:

First the software of comprehensive system of quality control management and the required database will be installed on the central server by the cooperation of organization’s IT sector. Then the rest of the implementation procedure will be followed by determining project managers, observers and admins.


2- Recording Basic Information and Authenticating Them:

At this stage, the basic information of the product such as checklists, tests, product formulation, ingredients and products packaging will be recorded in the comprehensive system of quality control management and then managers of quality guarantee, technical, tests and manufacturer assistants will authenticate them.


3- Investigation of All the Processes of the Company and Making the Required Changes, Considering Principles of GXP in Suggested Processes Proportionate with Customer Needs:

At this stage, after collecting the required information and manufacturing processes of the organization, necessary changes will be made in the suggested processes of the company proportionate with organization needs and necessary trainings will be provided for system admins.


4- Teaching Users:

At this stage, after giving necessary teachings to system admins, the general training workshop will be held in some sessions for all users.


5- Recording Information Experimentally for Some Batches Produced from Each Process:

At this stage, information related to production (from the beginning of manufacturing till registration) will be recorded experimentally in the system and the probable problems and errors will be eliminated.


6- Full Utilization from System and Processes:

 At this stage, the system is finally ready to be used. At this stage, the information related to manufacturing sector, tests, etc. will be recorded by the system online. So that the information related to three manufacturing batches will be recorded in parallel in both the system (new method) and in paper (traditional method) and if they are ultimately confirmed by quality guarantee managers, laboratory, production and technical assistants, the traditional method of recording information (paper method) will be totally replaced by the new method. Also at this stage, continuous and 24 hour services of established processes and new system will be done and in case of any probable problems, the stated problems will be solved as soon as possible.


Our Company

The well-known chemia system Company began its activity in the form of primary studies using computer specialists and consultants of pharmaceutical industry since 1386 and designed the comprehensive system of qualitative control and officially started its activity in 1390.

Apart from offering comprehensive system of quality control (the first specialized software in the field of establishing quality and conducting GXP requirements in pharmaceutical industry), the company managed to offer monitoring systems and smart controlling (for monitoring and controlling temperature, humidity and pressure) and the system of controlling production devices (for controlling the condition of production devices) proportionate with the requirements of pharmaceutical companies.