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    Accuracy, speed, ease and optimal control using comprehensive system of quality control management.

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    operative and financial advantages of using comprehensive system of quality control management.

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    Chemia System, Always with You, Along with GXP

Organization is a social entity that is based on an objective and has active and coordinated systems that are connected to the external environment. In the past, when an environment was quite stable, most of the organizations would confine themselves to gradual and little changes to take advantage of available opportunities. However, as time passed, the organizations throughout the world understood that gradual changes are not the only solutions for the current problems of the organizations and at times it is necessary to have basic and fundamental changes along with the development of technology so that the organization can survive.

Nowadays, new methods should be used to increase profitability and efficiency and reducing production costs and increasing competitive power. One of these methods is the capability of analyzing the recorded data in computer software. Today in most pharmaceutical industries, the necessity of using computer software is evident due to the possibility and quick accessibility to the related, timely and accurate information, such that this issue is considered a necessity in pharmaceutical organizations in any size or at any level of activity. The need to mechanizing in production will be more evident than ever by the increase in the amount of information in pharmaceutical industries and the necessity of investigation and analysis of information to make proper decisions. Some of these necessities include:

    Sometimes it is necessary to make basic and fundamental changes according to the development of technology in the organization so that it will survive.
    Quick accessibility to related, timely and accurate information
    The necessity of simple reporting and investigation and analysis of data for proper decision-making


Our Company

The well-known chemia system Company began its activity in the form of primary studies using computer specialists and consultants of pharmaceutical industry since 1386 and designed the comprehensive system of qualitative control and officially started its activity in 1390.

Apart from offering comprehensive system of quality control (the first specialized software in the field of establishing quality and conducting GXP requirements in pharmaceutical industry), the company managed to offer monitoring systems and smart controlling (for monitoring and controlling temperature, humidity and pressure) and the system of controlling production devices (for controlling the condition of production devices) proportionate with the requirements of pharmaceutical companies.