Available companies in pharmaceutical and food industries are continuously influenced by new technologies in developing products and increasing competition. Moreover, they will be challenged according to accurate legal requirements to meet the standards of increasing quality. In pharmaceutical field, quality is a reflection of following the rules and laws are documents such as optimal methods of production, analysis, storage and distribution of pharmaceutical distribution that is generally referred to as GXP. GXP is expertise in manufacturing and distributing pharmaceutical products. It is the best procedure and can meet all the needs of your company by teachings and consultations in the field of quality and law instructions.

The well-known Chemia System comprehensive system of quality control management is a comprehensive set of software solutions for automating production processes with the principles of GXP as the best method. In fact, we decrease the costs of following GXP rules and create a clear environment to actively detect, trace and solve the problems related to quality by improving the operating efficiency of quality systems.

Our Company

The well-known chemia system Company began its activity in the form of primary studies using computer specialists and consultants of pharmaceutical industry since 1386 and designed the comprehensive system of qualitative control and officially started its activity in 1390.

Apart from offering comprehensive system of quality control (the first specialized software in the field of establishing quality and conducting GXP requirements in pharmaceutical industry), the company managed to offer monitoring systems and smart controlling (for monitoring and controlling temperature, humidity and pressure) and the system of controlling production devices (for controlling the condition of production devices) proportionate with the requirements of pharmaceutical companies.